Titled, “Europe’s Privacy Law Hasn’t Shown Its Teeth, Frustrating Advocates,” Satariano describes the lack of enforcement that should be seen now of what was thought to be a groundbreaking international policy. Most shockingly the country at the center of the IT world, Ireland, has 127 ongoing investigations, but zero penalties…

article: https://www.tylercybersecurity.com/blog/fundamental-objectives-of-information-security-the-cia-triad

The article is about the foundation of Information security, which is known to be the CIA triad of the CIA security model.

The term Information security means protection from unauthorized users, disclosure,disruption,modification or destruction. Confidentiality,Integrity,and Availability are the triad to make this work.

Confidentiality ensures that personal data is protected and secure. Integrity means guarding against files being able to be corrupted by outside sources. Availability is the ability to be able to access the system or information when needed. The system isn’t secure if you can’t access the data you need.

Effective cybersecurity programs requires a strategic approach to ensure a certain level of cybersecurity maturity. Information security policies are the foundation to protect your privacy and information.

The CIA triad is a good concept to use in the cybersecurity world.

To perform an effective Risk Assessment, an organization must understand the Inherent Risk, and have personnel looking at interviews & observations. Interviews & observations require talking to technical staff, and individuals in charge of Governance & Policies then observing employee behavior. Ever walk away from your computer screen without locking…

The article examines the concepts of GRC through a Q&A approach, tackling the following key angles:

Whether the “C” in GRC represents compliance or controls?

Experts largely agree that the “C” represents compliance, in that it assesses and manages the extent to which IT systems, and data contained within those…


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